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research and discovery. I write research, but
by that I mean that double-barrelled attack
upon ignorance, the biological attack and the
physical attack, that is generally known as
cc Science ". " Science " comes to us from those
academic Dark Ages when men had to console
themselves for their ignorance by pretending
that there was a limited amount of knowledge in
the world, and little chaps in caps and gowns
strutted about, bachelors who knew a passable
lot, masters who knew a tremendous lot and
doctors in crimson gowns who knew all that there
was to be known. Now it is manifest that none
of us know very much, and the more we look
into what we think we know, the more hitherto
undetected things we shall find lurking in our
Hitherto this business of research, which we
call the " scientific world ", has been in the hands
of very few workers indeed. I throw out the
suggestion that in our present-day world, of all
the brains capable of great and masterful
contributions to "scientific" thought
achievement, brains of the quality of
Rutherford's, or Darwin's or Mendel's or
or Leonardo's or Galileo's, not one in a
not one in a score of thousands, ever gets
into such conditions as to realise its opportuirilks.